In this project we design 2 channel D.C motor controller with pulse width modulation (PWM) based speed and direction control. This module is mainly design to drive 14.4V to 18V electric D.C motors.

This motor controller is design to work with 18V - 1.5A D.C power source and it can be directly interface with general microprocessor / microcontroller system (without using any voltage level shifters). While at the prototyping stages we successfully couple this module with several NIDEC D.C fans and blowers which include D1751M24B7AP, E1331K12B7AZ-00, DME37KA, CF24DM506, etc.

Control interface for this module is easy to use and at the designing stages we interface it with PIC16F887 and Atmega64 MCUs. Control interface of this module is consisting with 3 inputs (please refer the J3 in the circuit diagram) and using these inputs user may be able to select the motor, apply the brakes and also change the rotational directions of the motor(s).

When constructing the circuit it is recommended to use 680R - 1W wire wound resistor for R10. Heatsink attachments for both Q1 and IC1 are depending on the output load.

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All the schematics and PCB patterns for the 2 channel electronic motor speed controller project


BA6238 - 2-channel reversible motor driver
NE555 - Single Timer
IRFZ44 - Advanced Power MOSFET
2SC945 - NPN Silicon Transistor
2SD400 - NPN Silicon Transistor
NIDEC D.C fans and blowers