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In this wiki I publish all electronic, computer and mechanical projects which I described in Dilshan R Jayakody’s Web Log. Please select the project(s) from the following list to get more details.

Unless otherwise noted, all projects in this wiki are design and tested by myself. Also all electronic designs and documentation in this wiki are covered under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license and it allows remix, transform, and build those projects for any purpose, even commercially.

Note: I got lot of e-mail about archive files in this repository, the main question is its naming format. All archive files in the wiki (which are mainly zip or 7z files) are named in format like this: NxxxxDddmmyyyy. Where xxxx is my project reference number, which is increased by "one" for each project. Then publish date in ddmmyyyy format. For example: N0075D18122015 means: it is my 75th project and published on 18th December 2015.

The second question which I got frequently is about downloading archive files; When you click download link in article, you are first going to a page where it show all the details about that file, which include file name, size, type, etc. On that page button is available to download the actual archive file.

3.3V - 1.5A Compact Power Supply Unit
1.5A - 3V to 27V adjustable power supply using LM723
433MHz RF remote control system for RC Cars
9 Pin dot matrix printer using PIC16F84A
AT89S52 base RPM counter
Automated Telephone Remote Control
Compact logic probe with digital pulser
Home produced USB Sound Card
Low Cost and High Quality Stereo FM Radio Receiver
PS2 Keyboard driven Morse code Generator
Simple ATMEL AVR - Programmer
User Programmable Automatic Night Light
Low Dropout Single Rail Adjustable Power Supply Unit
20W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier
Automated Home Security System
12V DC to 230V AC Inverter
Homemade ADSL Splitter
4 Channel Remote Control Video Switch
Ultra Simple Stereo Computer Speaker Driver
8 pin 2 digit seven segment display driver
Virtual MCU Base Programmable Timer
Electronic Number Panel
8 Channel USB Logic Analyzer
2 Channel Electronic Motor Speed Controller
Low Voltage Simple Motor Speed Controller
Programmable Home Security Alarm System
32W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier using TDA2050
Electric Fence with Automated Monitoring System
Mini Servo Controller
PIC16F877A/PIC16F887 Microcontroller Development Board
XBMC USB Controller
Ultra Simple Microchip PIC Development Board
Microprocessor controlled CW Beacon
Extend PIC Microcontroller‘s RAM by without using EMI
5V 5A Bench Power Supply
Offline High Voltage AC Power Supply
LASER Based Gate Keeper
LEDShoot - Electronic LED Shooting Game
Simple ATmega325 Development Board
Replacement Code Lock for LS7220 base Systems
DIY Liquid Level Monitor and Automatic Control System
USB Custom Hardware Interface for Unity3D
Microprocessor Controlled 16 Line Connectivity Tester
USB Random Number Generator
LMD18245 Microstep Stepper Motor Driver
Centralize power switch for PC arrays with power failure monitor
3.3V Power Supply Unit
Oscillator Controller for 8bit PIC Microcontrollers
8bit ALU Simulation using ATmega169
300V AC\DC Variable Power Supply
Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier for experiments and general use
Digital audio amplifier with PLL synthesized FM radio
Digitally controlled 2.1 channel analog audio power amplifier
Optically controlled servo motor
Simple CMOS FSK modem
Simple Automatic Car Battery Charger
VHF Aircraft radio communications receiver
Homebrew Audio Signal Generator
Low power FM stereo transmitter
Digital data capture unit with EMF reader
SL414 Vintage power amplifier IC
Simple Telephone Locator Light
Two transistor superheterodyne shortwave receiver
BFO for SSB Reception
4 way Stereo Unbalanced Distribution Amplifier
Low cost DC millivolt source
3A Power supply for USB devices
CD2003 - yet another simple FM radio receiver
UC3844 base motor speed controller
Contactless DTMF switch
Soldering station to drive HAKKO 907 handles
USB to 3.3V-5V serial TTL adapter
Low cost TEA5767 based FM stereo radio receiver
48V Phantom power supply
Dynamic microphone preamplifier
Replacement LED driver for AN6877
74181 ALU design on Altera MAX II CPLD
Light operated voice messenger
Musical Trees
Simple door bell for access control systems
Artificial star unit
Low voltage power supply unit
Simple crystal tester
Modified Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer
μPC1237 based 2 channel speaker protector
Adjustable constant current source
Yet another CXA1191 FM radio receiver
Network cable tester

  1. 3.3V
  2. 74HC138
  3. 74HC373
  4. 74LS00
  5. 78l05
  6. AF
  7. ATMega8
  8. HV
  9. KSP10
  10. LED
  11. LM358
  12. MOC3041
  13. Motor Driver
  14. PC817
  15. PIC16F628A
  16. PIC18F2550
  17. PT2399
  18. Power Supply
  19. RS232
  20. Receiver
  21. SRAM
  22. TDA1521A
  23. TL074
  24. TL081
  25. alarm
  26. alu
  27. am
  28. amplifier
  29. atmega32
  30. atmel
  31. attiny13
  32. audio
  33. audio amplifier
  34. avr
  35. bt138
  36. cd4047
  37. cw
  38. dc motor
  39. delphi
  40. dtmf
  41. fm
  42. fm radio
  43. game
  44. hd44780
  45. hid
  46. high voltage
  47. irfz44
  48. laser
  49. lcd
  50. lm2576
  51. lm339
  52. lm386
  53. lm723
  54. max232
  55. mcu
  56. microphone
  57. morse code
  58. motor
  59. ne555
  60. oscillator
  61. pic
  62. pic12f675
  63. pic16f630
  64. pic16f73
  65. pic16f84a
  66. pic16f877
  67. pic16f877a
  68. pic16f887
  69. pic18f452
  70. pic18f4550
  71. pic18f4620
  72. pll
  73. power amplifier
  74. proteus
  75. psu
  76. pwm
  77. radio
  78. security system
  79. sensor
  80. serial
  81. servo
  82. smd
  83. speed control
  84. splitter
  85. ssd
  86. stereo
  87. switch
  88. tda2050
  89. tda2822
  90. tda7052
  91. tea5767
  92. tl071
  93. usb
  94. video
  95. 4017
  96. 4040
  97. 4052
  98. 4066
  99. 4069
  100. 7805