In this project we develop easy to build Microchip PIC development board for wide range of PIC Microcontrollers (which include 40pin Microchip PIC16 and PIC18 devices).

This development board contain only the switching regulator (to generate +5V DC from the input power source) and RS232 serial port interface. The switching regulator of this development board may support input voltage of +8V to +25V DC. RS232 Serial interface of this development board is based on Maxim's MAX232 driver/receiver IC.

Ultra Simple Microchip PIC Development Board

This given design has 6 two-way jumpers to select crystal oscillator, MCLR and RS232 Tx/Rx terminals.

While at the prototyping stages we test this board successfully with PIC16F887, PIC16F877/A, PIC18F452, PIC18F4550 and PIC18F4620 MCUs. A dimension of this PIC Development Board is 110×85mm.

Schematic, PCB design and some of the related documents of this project are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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MC34063A - Step-Up/Down/Inverting Switching Regulator
MAX232 - DUAL EIA-232 Driver/Receiver