AN6877 is linear AF level meter IC produced by Panasonic and it is commonly found on many audio equipment. This chip is no longer manufactured by Panasonic and finding replacement chip for AN6877 is also quiet difficult.

AN6877 16-DIP-F package.

The circuit described in this article is design to replace AN6877 base LED drivers and it is based on commonly available components. This replacement LED driver is design using 10, MMBT3904/2N3904 transistors and it can easily modify to get necessary number of outputs.

During the prototyping stages we test this driver with minimum of 7 LEDs (AN6877 configuration) and up to 12 LEDs. This LED driver is design to work with 9V to 12V DC power source.

PCB design for 8-dot driver.

In supplied design we use SMD components to reduce PCB size. For transistors, any compatible general purpose NPN transistor can use. During the prototyping stages we test this driver with MMBT2222, 2N3904, 2N2222 and 2SC945 transistors.

With 7 LEDs and 9V power source, this module can directly replace AN6877 base LED driver modules.

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Schematic and PCB design of AN6877 replacement LED driver.


AN6877 - 7-Dot LED driver.
MMBT3904 - NPN General Purpose Amplifier