This article introduces high quality digitally controlled 2.1 channel analog audio power amplifier system. This project is mainly based on TDA7377 AF power amplifier and PIC18F452 8bit microcontroller. Basic features of this receiver are 2 × 6W + 20W audio output power, ±14dB bass and treble controls, fully configurable +35dB bass booster for sub-woofer and satellite speakers and loudness switch.

This system use commonly available electronic components and all the integrated circuits are in DIL packages. This amplifier consists with few UI elements such as 2 push buttons and 1 rotary encoder. All the menu navigation can perform through rotary encoder.

Entire amplifier can build on 147mm × 80mm PCB and all the PCB design files are available to download at below sections.

This is an open hardware project and all the firmware source codes, design files are covered with Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

Project Related Downloads

Schematics, source codes, compiled firmware and complete documentation related to this project.
Complete project documentation


PIC18F452 - 40-pin High Performance Enhanced FLASH 8bit Microcontroller
TDA7377 - 2 X 30wdual/Quad Power Amplifier for Car Radio
TDA7315 - Digital Controlled Audio Processor
LA2650 - Bass Boost IC
L7805 - 5V 1.5A Three Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator
L7808 - 8V 1.5A Three Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator
2SC945 - Bipolar NPN Transistor
1602 - HD44780 based LCD