In this project we develop automated telephone remote control system to demonstrate the functionality of MT8870 DTMF decoder.

Prototype of Automated Telephone Remote Control Project
Prototype of Automated Telephone Remote Control Project

This project mainly based on MT8870 DTMF decoder and ATtiny2313 MCU. When this system connects to the phone line it monitor the status of the phone line and take the control of phone line when it detects the ringer, after that user may be able to control specified I/O port using appropriate keys.

Finally user can issue predefine key combination to shutdown the phone line.

Please note that this project is developed for demonstration purposes only, some of the system states may not handled with the given source code.

Project Related Downloads

Source codes and circuit diagrams of automated telephone remote control project


MT8870 - Integrated DTMF Receiver
ATtiny2313 - 8-bit Microcontroller with 2K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash